Chocolate Jellybean Hearts

Why choose between chocolate and jellybeans this weekend when the two go so well together?! Today I used my heart-shaped mould to make some lovely Easter treats. These are easy to put together and all you need is a slab of milk chocolate and a couple of handfuls of gourmet jellybeans. The most important thing with these is to wait for the chocolate to set completely. That does require a little patience but they’re so worth the wait.


It takes 200g of chocolate to fill my 12 piece mould. Out of a (perhaps unnecessary) concern that the jellybeans would either melt or sink to the bottom, I started off by melting 100g of the chocolate to “line” each heart-piece in the mould. Once that had completely set, I popped two whole jellybeans in to each heart. I then topped off each piece with the other 100g of melted chocolate.


The warm weather today meant these took longer than usual to set. When they were ready though…it was such a treat! Creamy milk chocolate and chewy fruity jellybeans go so well together. These are cute, fun and insanely addictive. Stick to one jellybean per piece if you want to keep the centre a surprise but I kind of like the look of the colourful sweeties peeking out!


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