Honey Roasted Nectarines

Over the past few weeks, I’ve found myself buying tons of fresh fruit. I might seem pretty virtuous filling my shopping basket with various punnets and pieces but the reality is that once I’m home, the majority of it seems to end up as part of some dessert! To be fair, I kept it relatively simple today. Luscious juicy nectarines drizzled with a buttery honey sauce and roasted — it’s a pretty delicious treat just like that. You could, however, also pair them with fresh cream or ice-cream for a little something more indulgent. No prizes for guessing what I did ;-).  


Wash and slice up four nectarines. With a fairly big solid stone in the centre, they can be a tricky fruit to cut. I tend to quarter them, working carefully around the pit. Line the nectarine pieces in to a lightly greased oven-proof dish. Melt a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of honey together in a separate pan and stir well before pouring the resulting liquid evenly over the fruit. Pop the dish in to a warm oven and cook for 10-12 minutes. Serve immediately — ice-cream optional but also kind of essential!


By the Sea

Did everyone enjoy their weekend? It was a busy couple of days for us and it went so fast but it was really great too. On Saturday, I went to Wicklow with a friend. She’s moving there next month so I decided to tag along as she checked out a potential new home (it’s good to know where I’ll be visiting in the future!).

I love road trips, especially to places that I’m not overly familiar with. Wicklow has to be one of the most scenic counties in the whole country. It’s no surprise that it’s known as the Garden of Ireland. We drove through lots of little towns and some of the views were kind of breathtaking. When we came into sight of the Sugarloaf Mountain, I literally stopped mid-conversation and just gawped!

Before we headed home, we stopped in Bray for dinner and a walk along the seafront promenade. I didn’t get to take a huge variety of pictures during the day but I fully intend on visiting Wicklow again and again as soon as my friend settles in so you can definitely expect more then!





Essence Glossy Lipbalm

I’m a big fan of trying different products from different brands and I was recently looking at Essence. Essence cosmetics are cheap and cheerful but there are some proper little gems in the range. I particularly love their waterproof eye pencils which cost next to nothing and are an absolute staple in my make-up collection. This week I picked up one of their Glossy Lipbalms. The flavours are all inspired by desserts and I chose 03 Cherry Brownie which — as you can imagine — smells and tastes pretty delicious! 


After first application, my lips instantly felt softer. The packaging is vibrant and the shade within is a lovely cerise pink. You can build up the colour but I personally prefer how it looks after a single coat. Despite its name, this isn’t super glossy and instead gives your lips a delicate sheen which is pretty but really doesn’t last. Although that little bit of lustre is quick to fade, your lips will still stay nicely tinted for several hours after. 

This was very much an impulse purchase and not a bad one either. At the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with an 8ml tube that gives you rosy-coloured and moisturised lips for just €1.29! This one is going in my bag for future regular use.

Iced Apple and Lime

I love to make all kinds of drinks at home (see my Berry Kiss cocktails from Valentine’s or last year’s pink lemonade) and with this heatwave that we’ve been having; I’ve been making more and more.

One of my favourites is this iced apple and lime. It’s incredibly refreshing, makes a great alternative to fizzy drinks and it’s non-alcoholic so everyone can enjoy it! If you make these in jam jars, you can just screw the lid on and shake them up. If you’re opting for proper glasses, use a cocktail shaker to mix these (failing that, just stir it well!).


Start by putting together a simple lime syrup using equal parts lime juice and sugar. Dissolve the sugar in the lime juice over a medium heat, stirring constantly. Don’t allow this to boil for too long or the syrup will thicken. 

Set the syrup aside until it has cooled a bit and then divide it among the jars or pour it in to your cocktail shaker. Add in plenty of ice followed by equal parts apple juice and sparkling water and finish off with an extra squeeze of lime. Shake well, serve and savour!



Mixed Berry Fool

A creamy fruity fool has to be one of the best summer desserts. Light and silky, it makes good use of seasonal produce and can be whipped up in no time at all.


I start with 200g of fresh berries. You could puree the fruit in a food processor if you want it super smooth but I just pop the lot in a big bowl and smush it with a fork. Add in a tablespoon of icing sugar just to sweeten it a little, then fold in 250ml of whipped cream and…that’s it! It really couldn’t get any easier.


This will serve four and I like to divide it in to individual portions. Berries and cream are a match made in heaven and I love the fruity bits throughout. This is perfectly delicious on its own but it’s often served with buttery shortbread biscuits on the side — an absolute must for an extra indulgent treat!


Sweet Dreams

As much as I love this time of year, the hot and muggy weather can make it almost impossible to sleep at night. Our bedroom windows have been permanently open since June and the poor old duvet has been completely abandoned.

Now we all need our beauty sleep (I’ll take a full eight hours every time!) so I’ve tracked down some lovely and light sleepwear. These gorgeous sets will definitely help to keep us looking cute and feeling cool all summer long.


Pink Print Pyjamas @ H&M

Black Jersey Jumpsuit @ H&M

Coffee Lover PJ Set @ Forever 21

Blogger PJ Set @ Forever 21

Daisy Print Cami & Shorts @ Topshop

Lace Trim Cami & Shorts @ Topshop

Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs

I’ve picked up a few different samples of perfume this summer and wanted to share my most recent find. It’s the latest from Marc Jacobs and called Daisy Dream. 

With notes including blackberry, jasmine and wisteria; it’s very floral and feminine. I personally love the scent of jasmine so I was instantly drawn to this. I spray this eau de toilette on my wrists and get about four hours wear out of it. It’s quite light but lovely while it lasts. 


In typical Marc Jacobs fashion, the full-size bottle is incredibly pretty — spherical and light blue and adorned with white daisies. It would instantly brighten up any dressing table! While I’d be more than happy to have this perfume in my collection, I’m on a self-imposed spending ban this month so unfortunately I won’t be getting this one for keeps! I have to say I’m not too disappointed though — there seems to be lots of great fragrances coming out in autumn so I’m happy to wait ’til then!