Essie Vanity Fairest

Earlier this month, I used up the last of my favourite pale pink polish and I was looking to replace it. Up until then, I had been using Rimmel’s Ethereal but wanting to try something different, I picked up Essie’s Vanity Fairest. I was immediately attracted to its delicate nude-pink colour. It’s a very pretty, elegant and feminine shade. It was just what I was looking for and I couldn’t wait to put it on.

Unfortunately…it turned out that this is way too runny. Maybe I picked up a dud bottle but either way, a runny formula means that this is a bit of a nightmare to apply. The first time I used Vanity Fairest, I applied three coats and it took forever to dry. It then set with a seriously unattractive finish. In the end, I had to take it off the very next day because it just looked awful — so irritating!

I tried it again later that week with a bit more success. The second time, I had to make sure to be extra careful and patient with the application. To be on the safe side, I only applied two coats and it looked much better this time. I finally had a smooth and clean-looking finish. The colour is really lovely and I think it will suit all skin tones. As for chipping, I use Rimmel’s Nail Nurse as a top coat for all my polishes now so that’s not a problem for up to five days.


To be honest, I can’t say I’m all that impressed with this one. I only have two bottles of Essie nail polish in my collection and I’ve had similar problems with both of them. Considering they cost €10 each; I’d expect better.  I really would love to use this more because it is a great shade.I’m going to keep this one in the fridge and maybe that might help with the formula. In the meantime though, I think I’ll be picking up another bottle of Ethereal!

Earth Day 2014

I like to think I’m pretty considerate when it comes to the environment. I always try to recycle, I never litter, I bring reusable bags to the supermarket, I’m obsessed with turning off all the switches at night, I take full advantage of the local library, I mostly walk everywhere or use public transport…(although that’s really more to do with me not actually having a car…!).

As today is the 44th annual Earth Day, I wanted to try and do something else. I had a little think about it and decided that from now onwards, I’m going to aim to have one meat-free day a week.


As much as I love steak burgers and bacon, I think this will be a good move. It will challenge me to cook new dishes and buying less meat every week means having more money to buy better quality meat overall. Not only will this be better for my health, it will also be better for the environment. According to, the meat industry is responsible for nearly one fifth of man-made greenhouse gas emissions but every day a person doesn’t eat meat can make a difference. This official Earth Day site is packed full of this kind of thought-provoking information as well as advice on how to live sustainably. You can learn about all the actions that this day has inspired and also discover what can be done now to help protect our planet for the future. It makes for interesting reading and it’s well worth a look — it might just inspire you to make a change of your own!


Happy Earth Day! :-D

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water hit the shelves earlier this year and it’s been generating a whole lot of hype. This product is designed to remove make-up, cleanse and soothe the skin with the big bonus being that there’s no rinsing required. As soon as I heard about this, I was interested. Even though it can sometimes feel like such a chore, I always try and make the effort to take off my make-up. I always feel much better when I’m falling asleep with a clean fresh face — and then I get to wake up guilt-free the next morning!


This product comes in a clear and clean looking bottle which has touches of pink and a nice smooth shape. It’s 400ml and — rather annoyingly — that’s described on the back of the bottle as being “generous”. I have to say; I personally can’t stand it when companies describe their own products as being generous. I just feel like they’re basically implying that they’re doing us — the paying customers — a favour and we should be grateful! As well as that, the label states that this 400ml equals to 200 uses…but as noted in small print on the back, that’s based on 2ml per cotton pad. For me, a single “use” is when you literally use the product for one job. Taking off your make-up is one job and there is no way you could do that with 2ml!


With this cleansing water, it takes 3-4 cotton pads for me to remove a full face of make-up. Now to be fair, I’m talking about the kind of make-up I’d wear on a night out or for a particular occasion. I’d be using one to two pads to take off my primer/foundation, another pad for my eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara and then one more pad just to wipe over my whole face to ensure all traces are removed. I’d say for those times, I’m easily using up to 10ml of the product. Now if it was just the CC cream and eyeliner that I wear during a regular day, I could remove that with two wipes — roughly around 5-6 ml of product. So I’m pretty sure I can say that nobody will be getting 200 (genuine) uses out of this bottle but I honestly do think that getting anywhere around 40 uses out of one bottle of product is pretty good going!

Although it may seem like I’m being a bit critical, I actually do quite like this product. I like that it’s fuss-free and I love that I don’t need to scrub my face to remove my make-up. You only have to firmly wipe your skin with a (cleansing water) soaked cotton wool pad — it even works fairly well on stubborn mascara. It’s gentle and, particularly on cooler nights, this is far more pleasant to use than a cold moist face wipe.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water normally retails at €6.29 but it’s currently €3.29 at Boots so if you’re a fan, now’s the time to stock up!

Easter Sunday

Hoping your day is full of love, laughs and chocolate. Happy Easter to all! x


Easter Mess

I love desserts that are easy to put together and Eton Mess is a good example of this. Traditionally consisting of broken-up meringue, whipped cream and fresh strawberries; it’s deliciously light and simple.


Today I decided to put a fun twist on a classic and create an “Easter Mess”. I kept the meringue and fresh cream but replaced the fruit with an assortment of Easter chocolates. This is so rich, creamy and indulgent — perfect for this weekend!


The following guidelines will make 4 generous portions. I used a few mini Malteaster bunnies, a couple of handfuls of Mini Eggs and one Cadbury’s Caramel Egg. Roughly chop the egg and bunnies. Pop the Mini Eggs in to a plastic food bag and bash them with a rolling pin until they break up but don’t lose their pastel colour.


Whip 250ml of cream until it holds its shape. Gently fold in the crushed chocolate bits. Break up 4 meringue nests and add them to the mix. Stir well and then divide the mixture out. Use pretty dishes, ramekins, jam jars…whatever you have handy. To finish them off nicely, top each portion with any leftover Easter sweets you may have — so irresistible!



Chocolate Jellybean Hearts

Why choose between chocolate and jellybeans this weekend when the two go so well together?! Today I used my heart-shaped mould to make some lovely Easter treats. These are easy to put together and all you need is a slab of milk chocolate and a couple of handfuls of gourmet jellybeans. The most important thing with these is to wait for the chocolate to set completely. That does require a little patience but they’re so worth the wait.


It takes 200g of chocolate to fill my 12 piece mould. Out of a (perhaps unnecessary) concern that the jellybeans would either melt or sink to the bottom, I started off by melting 100g of the chocolate to “line” each heart-piece in the mould. Once that had completely set, I popped two whole jellybeans in to each heart. I then topped off each piece with the other 100g of melted chocolate.


The warm weather today meant these took longer than usual to set. When they were ready though…it was such a treat! Creamy milk chocolate and chewy fruity jellybeans go so well together. These are cute, fun and insanely addictive. Stick to one jellybean per piece if you want to keep the centre a surprise but I kind of like the look of the colourful sweeties peeking out!


Elie Saab: L’Eau Couture

This week, I decided to treat myself to a lovely new fragrance and ended up spending quite some time browsing the department stores. There are so many beautiful choices out there! After lots of deliberation, I eventually settled on Elie Saab L’Eau Couture.  I picked up a 30ml bottle of this Eau de Toilette and it was definitely the right choice.


From the onset, this just feels special. Within a pretty pale green box is a small uniquely-shaped glass bottle. Lift off the jewel-like lid and spray a little; you’ll be hit with a sophisticated and luxurious scent. This is delicate and powdery, fresh and feminine. Notes including magnolia, orange blossom, green almond and vanilla blend well together.


When I use this, I can get maybe five to six hours wear each time. It’s so ideal for this time of year, definitely one of the most spring-like fragrances I’ve come across yet. My only problem with this is that the lid on my bottle doesn’t fit securely so I have to be extra careful when I’m handling it. Other than that, I’m so happy with my decision and I’ll enjoy wearing L’Eau Couture throughout this season and the next.